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Hello, i have recently bought a new laptop for gaming ive had it about 2 months and up to now all my games play fine with no lag but now GTA IV diablo 3 and othe games have developed stutter lag as before i could play them all on high settings fine i have done a defrag updated my grapic drivers but still no change i did a system restore about a week go could tha affect the problems im having ? how can i check into this futher any help ? also in GTA IV it shows how much grapics ram i have on my card and tells you how much you use as you tweak the settings if i lower settings soo it used 350mb/1988mb it still stutter lags ..

Core i5 2.50ghz up to 3.1ghz
8gb kingston hyperx ram (1600mhz)
500 gb WD HDD 7200rpm
Nvidia GTX 660M 2gb

surely this spec should run any game pritty high grapics smooth ???!!!???
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  1. surely it should....did you install any auto tuning utility lately.
    many of these do tend to degrade performance sometimes.

    also ensure that your laptop is not getting hot as over heating also causes shuttering
  2. i havent installed any tuning programs , i just tried to play league of legends and it wouldnt go over 31 fps where usally it over 100 :S
  3. while restoring your system did you go thru the list of files and programmes that could have been affected by it?
    update your install all the drivers with the latest ones after a complete sweep.
    install the latest version of direct x i.e. the June-July redistribution.(don't remember properly)
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