What would be the best?

Hello guys , i just need your assistance to take my decision whether to Buy A 3D monitor which will be the first time to game on

Or Level up my GPU to HD 7970 ?

My specs:

Intel core i5 3570k 3.4 ghz Ivy bridge

8gb RAM 1600MHZ


Asus p8z77 v-pro

HD Monitor and i`m gaming on 1080p ALL the time games like

(Battlefield 3 - Crysis - Skyrim ) SO i though of Bring a new 3D monitor to taste the 3D gaming what do u think

Is this a wise decision or simply i just buy 7970 for upgrading my GPU?

I`m a lil bit confused so i need ur help :) :D THANKS IN ADVANCE :)
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  1. 3D isn't really that good yet, I would get a 7970 and wait for 3D to get a bit better!:)
  2. thanks Oakcatton :)
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    Most people do not buy 3d monitors for the 3d part of it, they do it for the smoothness of 120hz in 2d mode. Just be warned, once you go 120hz you will never go back to 60hz screens, and they are quite expensive. Go watch some streams on twitchtv with 120hz monitors, the difference is immediately noticeable, its going to be my next upgrade.

    I will likely be buying this monitor when it comes back in stock:
  4. Scotty @ what ur saying is that :3D monitors are meant for their 120 hz smoothness

    not for their 3D ready stuff (u mean this smoothed 120hz helps in games High FPS?)
  5. Exactly, almost no one buys 3d monitors for 3d, its all about 120hz smoothness in 2d.
  6. @Scotty thanks alot for ur great help , believe it or not this is the first time i know such things about 3D monitor in 2D gaming but would it performing good with my 6950 sapphire 2gb and the rest of my Rig ? :)
  7. Ya a 6950 is plenty, you dont need 120 FPS all the time to make it look smooth. I got a gtx 465 and im not worried at all (its slower than your 6950).
  8. @Scotty thanks alot man u ve been great help to me :)
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