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Will 1920x1080 resolution run well on my GPU?

I want to get a 23" 1920x1080 hdmi moniter for my rig but i just wanted to know if it would hinder my games that i used to play on 1200x1020.

Gpu... HD Radeon 6950 2 gig
cpu... i5 3570k 3.6ghz
psu... 550 watt antec
ram... 8 gigs
hdd... WD 500gig
Mobo... ASRock z75 pro 3

with the current resolution and in the past 5 monthes i have been able to play all games on max settings at 60fps including skyrim and borderlands 2. only games that put a strain on my rig is farcry 3 on ultra settings which takes my fps to an average of around 40. and shogun 2 if i put shadows on ultra and theirs alot of people at once.

So what im saying i guess is my parts are running fine.and i really want 1080p for my rig so wi i be able to upgrade to 1920x1080?
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  1. 6950 is fine for 1080p. You might not be able to max all games, but medium-high should be playable. Play along with the settings to get the best performance and quality
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    You will lose some FPS but it will run fine at that resolution. You might need to turn down the details on some games, especially Far Cry 3. I would consider upgrading to a Radeon HD 7950 or 7970 when you can. Time to start saving up some cash.
  3. If anything im going to wait until 8000 series to upgrade i just built this rig 5 monthes ago. so i might crossfire in the future with a HD 8gen.
  4. You most probably (and I'm 99% certain) can't crossfire 6000 cards with 8000 cards
  5. Oh well i have a 6000 series so cf is prob out of the question.
  6. times up, your card handle that res. fine no prob.
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