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so i wanted to buy the galaxy gtx 660 gc i have a gneric case so the space isnt big the car length on the galaxy site sais it 230mm (9.055 inches however newegg say its 9.6 inches if theyeven have a vidoe showing itss 9.6 if its 9.6 it wont get into my case all the other site says its 9.055 so does anyone knows how long is this card ???????
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  1. even if you have a mid tower case, the card should fit without any prob.
  2. my case can n only take up to 9.2 card
  3. thnx but i want a gtx 660 non ti my questtion how long is the gtx 660 gc 9.055 or 9.6!!!!????
  4. ah ok, here than.

    thats in ur size.


    the card u asked is 9.6" x 4.37" x 1.51" dimensions so wouldnt fit.

    i suggest the msi card or this:

  5. any 660 without "the Penis extender ur case is gonna fit it cuz the 660 PCB is a short one so don't worry and i think any MSI model should be fitted BTW i recommend u the twin frozer III version
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