Windows 7 windows 8 dual boot crashed problem

I've dual booted my
windows 7 laptop with
windows 8. and i
formatted the windows 8
installed drive. because i
didn't like this. now my
laptop wouldn't starting
up. windows8 is trying to
repair but wouldn't
because i formatted that
drive. I've also tried boot
with windows 7
installation and windows8
installation disk. unable
to start up only the
messages "windows trying
to repair" please help me.
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  1. you have the OS's on different drives or different partitions?
  2. I've partitioned windows 7 for 57gb in c: and windows 8 for 30gb in g: partition. i formatted g: partition. I also tried windows 7 and windows 8 os bootable cds bt would not starting anything only saying automatic repairing .
  3. In one drive partition i have only one drive.
  4. your problem is that the win 8 boot loader has over written the win 7 version . Once you removed win 8 you also removed the boot loader that started 8 and 7

    This link will help
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