My modem gets internet connection but does not talk to my desktop it\'s connecte

I have a modem that's connected to my desktop. I somehow lost my ip address (I think due to a virus that has been deleted, etc.). I need to somehow reconfigure. I have tried everything,. Start, cmd, ipconfig/release and renew, etc. It shows 0000000 for all my ip address, subnet and DHNS - all. I have an internet connection though just says aquiring network addres.. The other 2 comps that are connected wirelessly (thru same modem) work and am able to scan web, just the desktop connected directly to modem can't scan web.thanks for any help.
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  1. Have you tried manually setting an IP address on the machine and seeing if that works? When you plug the wireless computers into the network cable do they pull an IP address?

    Also, what version of windows (just assuming) are you running?
  2. Hi haley,

    A virus :sweat: , especially if you have a spyware can be very dangerous as it keeps an eye on your financial transactions. Install this program (Malwarebyte) as typing "" without the quotes in any of your browser's address bar. Install it and then run a quick/full scan depending how much time you have. Once you quarantine all the found infections, reboot the PC and then troubleshooting for the internet issue.

    Type "ncpa.cpl" without the quotes in the run command and then right click on "Local Area Connection" and choose Properties. And then double left click on IPv4 and then check it should be checked as "Obtain IP address automatically". Then click on OK. Reboot the PC and then check. It should be fixed :) ........
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