Dead GPU fan on XFX Radeon HD 6850

So after wondering why my GPU was running so hot I find out the fan on it is dead. Doesn't even twitch when I boot up or prod it with a dowel. What are my options for replacing it? Will I have to find the exact same fan or are there 3rd party fans that will fit? The design of the card makes it look especially problematic:

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  1. Looks like it is retained by Phillips headed screws that go directly into the heatsink extrusion itself, should be simle enough to remove, althouh you may need to take the plastic cover off to release the fans power lead.
    First off, contact your supplier, it's probably still under warranty, although you have to go directly to XFX themselves.
    Second option is to contact XFX and see if a new fan can be obtained through them.
    Final option is to find a case fan of about the same (or slightly larger) size and use self adhesive Velcro pads to stick it to the case, either as a stop-gap until XFX can supply a new fan or as a direct replacement.
    It's a good idead to remove the old fan BTW, two sets of blades operating close together can make a lot of noise and if the old fan jams it's going to restrict airflow.
  2. couple options.

    You can remove the fan (which will mean removing the shroud as well), measure it and get a replacement from amazon cheap, but time consuming.

    You can remove the fan and shroud, and jury rig a case fan to the heatsink with zip ties (cheap & quick)

    ...or you *could* replace the entire cooler assembly, but likely not worth it for a 6850.

    good luck!
  3. Well looks like XFX will RMA it since it's less than 2 years old. I tried to jury rig a case fan onto it with zip ties but it arced to the case and friend the card I think because one of the zip ties was pushing it up out of the slot. No idea how else it could have happened. I also found out that the shroud (does the shroud even have a function?) is not removable (save using a saw) since there are a few screws holding it on that absolutely cannot be accessed. Ah well, hopefully they'll still honor the RMA. Not going to be buying any XFX cards ever again, I could have just replaced the dead fan if the stupid shroud could have been removed.
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