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Is PSU good enough for my 7870

In a few days, I will be replacing my Saphire 7870 GHZ edition with a GTX 680. I want to use the 7870 in my second computer (HP 480T) but my PSU is only rated at 460 WATTS but Saphire recommends a 500 WATT PSU. Also the PSU only has one 6 pin connector vice the 2 6 pin connectors required by the 7870. I have found an adapter that will convert 2 SATA power connectors to a 6 pin connector which would give me the 2 6 pin connectors the 7870 needs. The computer I want to put the 7870 in has an I7- 930, 1 optical drive, 1 mechanical HDD, and 10GB of RAM drawer power.

Will I get buy with the current power supply or get a new one?
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    using adapter means your psu isnt ready 100% for that gpu power requirement....

    dont put expensive gpu into gambling
  2. If the brand is good it might be sufficient, but better invest in a better PSU instead of risking frying a random component of your setup.

    also remember to take into account the efficiency of the psu you buy.
    go for psu that have at least 80+ bronze certification

    don't ever use molex to pci-e converters.
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  5. Thanks for all the answers. I will upgrade the PSU prior to adding the 7870.
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