My computer popped? Help!!!

Hi everyone, iv'e had a little bit of a problem with putting my computer back together. Iv'e had this computer for over a year now, made countless amounts of upgrades and plenty of custom PC's for others since then so I'm fairly experienced! Although I've only read about this problem so am in the dark.

My PC specs:
i7 2600k + Hyper 212 EVO (push pull)
Asus z68 v-pro
HD 6870 2gb (stock cooler > accelero twin turbo II)
16gb of vengence 1600MHz RAM (4x4)
Corsair HX 850w PSU (modular)
1x 128gb Crusial M4. 1x 1tb Seagate Barracuda. 1x 1tb WD black. 1x 2tb Seagate barracuda. + 2x 3tb external HDD's.

I recently bought a new case (corsair 600t) to move all my old components into. Whilst I was moving my components i did some cleaning of the motherboard and other dusty parts. I used an air spray can with alcohol I believe on the motherboard components which I have used before on other PC's so I know it's safe. I also cleaned the CPU with arctic cooling liquids and re-applied thermal paste on the CPU. I also changed from a stock cooler on my XFX 6870 2gb GPU to accelero twin turbo II. Once I put everything back together how it should be I go to turn on my PC and it makes a light bulb kind of *POP noise and it seems to come from the top of the motherboard/case fan. Iv'e tried changing a couple of things and attempting to start again but it just does the same. I have noticed the motherboard light it still on which I can only guess means the power supply is okay and I have also checked for burn marks on the motherboard/CPU and have found none. When it goes pop sometimes there is a little bit of white smoke (not alot)

I have no idea what to do now, i'm at a dead end and I need my PC up and running ASAP! If any knowledge can be shared on this it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I would remove the board for a breadboard test; you may have unwanted metal to metal contact to the board somewhere in the case. Check your standoffs to be sure they're all the same height and all are under board mounting holes. Also check your backplate for squareness. And try a different power supply while it's out of the case using onboard video just for testing.
  2. It seems like something like that. I will remove the motherboard and test with this power supply first and if that doesn't work I will try with a new PSU and let you know how it goes.
  3. Okay I tried it by taking out the power for the GPU and it worked straight away. I then plugged it in and that's when I got a pop noise. I looked how I plugged the fan power and in and I had plugged 12v and 7v into the molex connection simultaneously. So I took one of them out and it worked!
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