Radeon 4850 dying ? Pic included

playing DDO online this am , game closed PC restarted. I restarted safe mode, uninstalled video driver,re-installed, nothing. uninstalled game, reinstalled , nothing. PC boots,Windows loads ,go to BSOD scrambled. My guess is video card memory died , Saphire ATI radeon 4850 1G

No software,hardware has been added.

Picture of BSOD


Should I just bite the bullet as card is 4 years old and has ran duel monitors (game,TV) 3-4 hours a day last 4 years.

Comments please.
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  1. Uh, yeah that doesn't look good, and the fact thatit even shows up on the BSOD says that a dead card is quite possible.

    There's a couple other possibilities though those are unlikely. Its also possible that you bumped the machine and the contact between the motherboard and card got a bit misplaced. happened to me a number of times with my hard drives :/
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