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Which desktop GPU is the GTX 680M equivalent to??

Hey guys.

Two mobile GPU questions...

SINGLE GTX 680M is equivalent to WHICH desktop GPU in terms of graphics and fps performance, AND

DUAL 670MX SLI is equivalent to WHICH desktop GPU in terms of graphics and fps performance...

Based on that, which would fair better. SLI 670MX's or SINGLE 680M?
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  1. SLI 670 hands down. I think the 680m would be equal to a 660 or something like that.
  2. Hmm. Thanks for your input, man. I think I was told that the 680M is similar to 570 desktop. When I heard that, I was shocked because I have EVGA FTW 570 in my desktop and it is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than a 680M, lol.

    Gotta pay for mobility I reckon. I would like to believe the 680M is similar to 660, but everyone seems to be saying 570. Any other ideas, guys?
  3. Wth? lol, looked at the benchmarks... they'd be correct.

    Still enough for gaming ;)
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    Click on the link below regarding the relative performance of the GTX 680m. It is basically a review of the mobile GTX 680M.

    In the mid column you will see a ranking of mobile graphic cards starting with "Class 1" the most powerful. Intermixed with that list are some desktop cards which are in black text. Based on that summarized list the mobile GTX 680M is between a desktop GTX 580 and GTX 570. The desktop GTX 660 Ti is ranked above the GTX 580 in this relative performance list.

    Scrolling down the actual review itself there are some benchmarks that you can look at. It starts with synthetic benchmarks, but further down are game benchmarks. Take the benchmarks with a big grain of salt because in the world of laptops you cannot always test laptops with similar specs other than the graphics card itself. Meaning some laptops may be configured with a dual core i7-3520M while another laptop with a Radeon HD 7970M might have a quad core i7-3740QM CPU. And naturally a GTX 680 (or any other desktop graphics card) would be benchmarked in a desktop.

    In Far Cry 3 the GTX 680M performs a little worse than the SLI GTX 670MX which has a 5% performance advantange, but better than the desktop GTX 470 by 10%. The desktop GTX 660 Ti appears to have 16% better performance.

    In Assassin's Cree III, the GTX 680M performs better than the SLI GTX 670MX by 9%. But the GTX 660 Ti has 28% better performance. The older desktop GTX 470 is not part of the benchmark results.

    Have fun reviewing the benchmarks...
  5. Forgot to mention; click Compare next to the game benchmarks to care to the settings used. Hover over the settings to find out what the settings are for each game.

    For Far Cry 3 I looked at the "High" settings which is only at 1366x768 resolution. Ultra is 1920x1080 resolution.

    For AC3 I looked at the Ultra settings which is 1920x1080 resolution.
  6. the gtx680m is equivalent to the
    gtx 570

    the gtx 670mx is almost equal to the gtx670 desktop

    at least that is what it seemed looking at the tech specs of the cards
  7. The 670mx hands down is the winner here... but if the 680m is at a good price, it'll be about 580 performance? According to benchmarks. Go with which one is the better deal for you.
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  9. Thank you guys for all your input and website references!
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