Gtx 660ti vs 7950 vs 7870xt joker

Hello, I'm upgrading the gpu and feel these 3 are the best choices I have.
I really dislike nvidia(and intel when it comes to this) all my experience with nvidia cards was horrible, but I cannot ignore the fact that they seem to have much better performance and cost less.

My build right now
Mobo: ASRock 990FX Extreme3
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core 965 Black Edition 3.4GHz
PSU: Corsair CX Series 500W ATX
RAM: G.SKILL DDR3 2x4GB 1600MHz CL9 RipjawsX
GPU: Radeon HD4870
Monitor res:1920x1080

I'm from Poland so I will post converted currency to give you and idea of price differences.
The main usage is gaming, mostly MMORPG which usually are not very demanding, and FPS like bf3 but are less important than mmorpgs.
I am overclocking both cpu and gpu, and will oc new gpu as well.(Or try, depending whether my comp specs are enough)

My choice for these models is based on looking at various benchmarks including,135.html

So the model for 660ti would be most likely:

MSI GeForce GTX 660 Ti, 2GB DDR5 (192 Bit), HDMI, DVI, DP, (N660Ti PE 2GD5/OC) 360$

As for 7950 I'm not sure which one would be better.

Sapphire Radeon Flex HD 7950 OC with Boost (11196-17-40G) 400$
Sapphire Radeon HD7950 3072MB DDR5/384bit DVI/HDMI/DP PCI-E (950/5000) OC VAPOR-X (11196-09-40G) 375$

As for the 7870 I'm not entirely sure whether it is a competition to the other two. Based only on benchmarks this is pretty nice gpu. But this is older generation so perhaps there is something I'm missing.

Radeon 7870 XT Tahiti LE Club3D 2GB 1050MHz 2xminiDP&HDMI&2xDVI (PCI-E) CoolStream (CGAX-7876XT) 295$

As you can see the 7870's price does differ and if it's performance is just a little behind the other two, then I'd prefer to save these few bucks.

Thank you very much for any help.
Best Regards
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  1. 660 ti is a horrible card for overclocking, get a 7950 and overclock it to get 680 level.
  2. Thanks for advice! The other concern that I forgot to point out, wouldn't my cpu bottleneck 660 or 7850 ?
  3. I had a Evga 660ti superclocked for a while and wasn't impressed with it. It lagged on black ops 2 on the ultra settings (I only got it for zombies so don't hate), which I expected better. It also crashed a lot, so I returned it and got a Gigabyte 7950 and it runs all my games max with good fps, example: arma 3, skyrim with an enb, and more. Also I saw that the price of the 7950 dropped 20 bucks on amazon so that helps to.
  4. gtx 760 is better than all those cards, it is faster than 7950 by 8% and cheaper
  5. before my card is 660ti phantom, i usually played games like far cry 3, warfighter and bf3, its ranging to 45-60 fps on max settings @ 1080resu, but i change it to gtx 670 because my goal is to have an ave 60fps in most games, if u can push your budget a little bit to have 670, this card will satisfy you well but if cannot 660ti also makes you happy
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