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Framerate + Depth of Field PC vs TV

January 6, 2013 9:13:24 PM

I don't know if this is the right category/forum to post this, but here you go:

I have a Samsung T27A750 27 inch Full HD TV which is also my PC monitor.

Now I have a question, and I'm noticing this everywhere, tried several computers and several screens:

When I watch HD TV on my screen it goes very fluently/smooth, a very great depth of field etc. Also when I use Smart TV and use the YouTube App, a full HD YouTube video plays great, nice colors, awesome depth of field etc etc.

Also when I plug in an external HDD to the screen directly, play a full HD movie; nice colors, great depth of field, smooth.

But now my question:
When I play a (full) HD movie via my computer (on this same screen), it doesn't look so 'lifely' anymore. Framerate seems to have dropped (it doesn't go as fluent anymore), and there's not much depth of field. The difference between TV and PC is HUGE.
The difference between playing a same (YouTube) Video/Movie directly via the PC or via the smart TV YouTube App is a HUGE difference. When I play it via the PC it looks aweful, not very smooth, no depth of field.

Screen is hooked up with hdmi to PC. PC is good enough, i5 processor, GTX560 graphic card etc. Should definitely be enough to watch a full HD movie or Youtube video right?

I've tried this with multiple Samsung TV's we have in the house and also with some other computers -> all same result.

What I want?
I want to get the same nice quality, smoothness and depth of field that I get when hooking up a HD directly to the screen (or using smart TV youtube app) when I play something via my PC. How's this possible?

Any explanations are appreciated.

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