Best graphics card for Windows 2000

I'm not a gamer, so I just need a fast card for HD videos. Are there any good cards (PCI or AGP) with drivers for Windows 2000?

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  1. amd radeon x1300 pro 256 mb agp card would be enough for you
  2. I can't find any evidence that the radeon x1300 has drivers for Windows 2000. Have you seen it working that way?
  3. yeah that even i am not sure.

    better get the radeon VE32...but that would be really hard to find (even in ebay)

    what is your system specs?
  4. System specs: P4 2.4, 2gb RAM, Win2000, Asus P4PE motherboard.
  5. Actually, the card I'm looking for is for my other computer, a Dell 400sc, 1.6gb RAM, P4 2.4.
  6. There is also a chance that his power supply may not support much.
  7. for your system you can also choose pci cards

    check out the driver thing for these cards on their respective web site,coz i haven't checked that

    for your psu,check this link:
  8. I have a 350 watt power supply in the Dell 400sc, so that probably isn't going to be a problem. What I'm specifically asking for is knowledge of HD capable graphics cards that have drivers for Windows 2000. I've already spent many hours trying to find this, so I'm past trying to track down every PCI or AGP card and it's drivers, especially since most companies don't even mention Windows 2000 on their websites anymore.

    I'm just asking for information that would come from people with particular knowledge about this situation (Windows 2000 drivers and HD capable graphics cards). Anyone out there?
  9. By the way, thanks for the link to the Catalyst drivers for Windows 2000. I think I'll call up AMD and see if anyone there can connect those drivers to a HD capable graphics card.
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