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Pc restarts when a game or stress test is played!!!!

January 6, 2013 9:53:47 PM

Hi All

As the Title says, this started about 3 weeks ago i installed the new Nvidia drivers for my phantom 3 GTX 580. That was the last thing i did so straight away i reverted back to my old drivers 306.23 and started up a game. Played for about 30 min no problems, then closed the game fifa13 and started it up again 5 min later boom another restart. It happens with anything BOPS2,COD4, Far Cry 3, Fifa 13, Borderlands so obviously its once i put the card under stress it feels the need to restart.

Since then i have replaced the following: UPS, Power Supply and motherboard. I have tested my ram with memtest, tested my gpu in other PC's and ran prime95 for my CPU and don't get any problems.

Ive tested my PC today again for about 5 hours at a friends house who lives about 60km from me and it was fine that hole time, not one restart. Only difference there, was he has 1x 22inch LCD where i have 2x24inch LCD/led.(I have tried both my screens on its own at my house PC still restarts)
Once i came home i plugged everything back in and played for about 2 hours when the restarts started again. Its weird as once it starts it wont go away.
I measured our incoming voltage the one day and i have 243-247 volts all the time.(I have logged a call with our Municipality) but in the mean time i got a new UPS the Netstar XT1200/600w Line Voltage Regulator which should keep all at bay??

So i have done the following test: ran Gpu-z, Hwmonitor, all my temps are fine, different extension, tried other power cables, different wall sockets. I might forget one or two things Ive tried but believe me i have tried everything except taking the complete PC out and testing out of my Case (as it works everywhere else but my place i don't see it being necessary?).
Ive noticed something with both Power supplies there is a strange buzzing noise that will start randomly and from the time that happens the restarts start. Maybe normal, or maybe just a coincidence??

I'm sure its safe to say the problems lies at my house but id just like to know what it is and how i can fix it.

My specs are as follow:
Huntkey 700w (about a week old) swapped out as i thought it was the prob
Mobo Z77D3H gigabyte( About 3weeks old) swapped out as i thought it was the prob
Ram 4x2gig Kingston Hyper x (about 4 months old, i have tested each stick with memtest no errors)
Gain ward Phantom 3 gtx580 (just over a year old)
2xsata 3 7200rpm hard drives (not more than 2 months)
Intel i5 3570k processor, (about 5months old)
My case is the Antec lanboy red it has 5x antec fans with adjustable speeds.

One last question, If my Power supply is 700w does my ups also need to be 700w and up?????

Please guys id appreciate a reply. I really don't know what else to do or who to ask anymore.