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I tried to format my hard drive to install new copy of windows but while formating the hard i had an error which i could not even read due to a system restart. when the laptop attempted to boot i got a message "Operation system not found" and also "Media test failure, check cable". I checked the boot order in bios and everything seems to be fine, also i checked to see if the bios recognizes the hard drive(since at first thought it was burned) but it seem that it recognizes it... Don`t know what to do! Only think i can think of is to buy a new hard. If anyone has an idea please respond either to this post here or email me (email removed)

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  1. What is the boot order in your BIOS?
  2. Boot Order - CD, HDD, USB

    Media Test Failure - Trying to boot from network as it cant see a bootable CD or HDD, normal just ignore it.

    Download manufacturers diagnostic software, normally free, but sounds like the hdd just borked and died.
  3. You said you tried to format the drive to install Windows.
    If you boot up with the Microsoft Installation CD/DVD, you can partition/format the HDD as part of the installation process.
  4. Well i got the problem. The thing was that there was a error when formating and the error caused the computer to reboot auto, therefore i did not see it, then the disk was not formated but it did not have info at the same time, so i put the disk in a old laptop i happened to have that supports 2 HD and i did NTFS from there which after all fixed my problem.
  5. Happy to see your system working fine & your Problems solved :)
    You are always welcome to this forum with any kind of system problems! :)
    We are here to help you any time :)
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