Gtx 680 bottleneck i5 760 cpu

HI Guys.....i want to buy gtx 680 , so will it bottleneck my I5 760 cpu ?
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  1. Yes - most certaintly. I bought a GTX 660, and my i5 750 bottlenecked it like crazy. So, if you want to buy a GTX 680, you would also need to upgrade your CPU (and therefore also your motherboard)
  2. but why ??!! its high end cpu with quad core
  3. I'm not an expert or anything, I just know it for a fact. But I think it has something to do with the architecture.
  4. I wouldn't call an i5 760 a high end quad core. In threaded applications it's about 20% faster than a new i3. In things that aren't it will likely be slower than a Sandy/Ivy bridge I3.

    However, your i5 760 should overclock like a champ. Those CPUs can easily hit 3.8 - 4.2 with a decent cooler and motherboard.

    At those speeds there should be no bottlenecking from the cpu at all.
  5. If you overclock it significantly, it should do the job very well, just stock is often problematic. Like said earlier, it's not really high-end anymore. It's more along the lines of mid-ranged.
  6. i read on some site that some 1 installed gtx 680 with intel core 2 duo cpu and he says that everything is fine is that ?!!
  7. If by everything is fine, he meant that there is no bottle-necking, he's either lying or doesn't know what he's talking about.
  8. maybe ...anyway i will buy gtx 680 and install it on my pc if i have any problems i will buy new mb and cpu
  9. Don't get a 680. The 670 is nearly identical performance for much less money and less power consumption (by almost Identical, I mean indistinguishably close at only about 2-8% slower). Heck, some 670s are a little faster than any 680 except for the most expensive 680s.
  10. gtx 670 is faster that gtx 680 when it's been overclocked , i want to get overclocked gtx 680 not stocked
  11. The 680 won't have a real advantage in performance even with overclocking. They're pretty much identical. Get it anyway if you want to, it's your choice to make, but it's basically throwing money away to get a 680 over a 670.
  12. thinking to get gtx 670 for now and sli it in the future , but in the same time i might need that 5 fps difference between them
  13. I really can't see it mattering. IT'll only be a 5FPS difference when they're already going around 100FPS. If you're more like 60FPS, the difference will only be like 1FPS to 2FPS and I'm not aware of it even being possible to tell a difference that small with even the best human eyes.
  14. keep in mind that both of them can't run metro 2033 and crysis 3 on ultra only with 30 fps which means that all upcoming game will be the same , actually its wise to save that 100 $ and pay it for good mb or cpu
  15. They can both run Metro 2033 just fine maxed out in 1080p and they can run Crysis 3 jsut fine on at least high, both situations getting around 60FPS unless you're really slamming in the MSAA and such.

    I agree that saving for a new CPU and motherboard is a good idea too. If you really want ot go all-out later, you could just get a GTX 660 or thereabouts and save the rest for a major upgrade later on. The GTX 660 or so could even still be used as a PhysX processing card for your main graphics upgrade later.
  16. Estacado said:

    Intel discontinued it and replaced it with the i5-3470, not that that's a big deal. It is a great gaming CPU, just remember that you'll need to change your motherboard for it too. Something such as the latest ASRock B75 board would be great for a low price of around $70.

    The i5-3450 and i5-3470 have semi-decent overclocking headroom (far from their K edition brothers, but still) that maxes out at a little under 4GHz, but they're much greater performance per Hz still lets them greatly outperform the i5-760 desptie using less power.
  17. I strongly recommend against getting a Z77 board unless you plan on getting a K edition CPU such as the i5-3570K and overclocking it well past 4GHz or use some other Z77-specific feature. Otherwise, you're pretty much spending a lot more money over a B75 or H77 chipset board just to have a board that looks cooler.

    However, for a Z77, that Gigabyte board is a very good board.
  18. *** computers !!....if i need to upgrade my gpu i have to change mb and cpu !! this is really ridiculous
  19. Well, you don't need to upgrade your current CPU yet- it'll be fine with a GTX 670 with some overclocking.
  20. hope so
  21. u should of overclocked your cpu to atleast 3.4 ghz then it wouldnt bottleneck.
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