New gpu not turning on

hello. im having problems with my new gpu the name is: xfx radeon hd 7750 core edition.
now, i know that core edition means no pins to connect. just gets power from the mobo
i had this problem for a while and found out i need at least 400 W power supply. which i already bought.power supply name is: dynex 520 W. the power supply, i have no problems with it.(it works) but the gpu isnt still turning on like fan not turning on and black monitor when i connect the cable to the video card. the pc im using is called: pavilion 6751c. nothing has been upgraded except for the power supply. i have uninstalled the gpu drivers alreadyand the computer doesnt reconize the new gpu. please help!
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  1. hmm very odd were yo using onboard before and is your computer a store bought retail computer?
  2. yes. i think so since my uncle bought it, i dunno. i thinkit is.and i was using my normal gpu in the computer. the default one. but i uninstalled it.
  3. What kind of computer is it?
  4. read the description
    pavilion 6751c
  5. Go into bios. make sure the video output is set to pci express. if problem persists. try to fit card into another system with a different power supply and try upgrading your bios to the latest version also try powering the system up with the display cable hooked into the card without any ram. (remove the ram) if the problem still persists after doing all these things then its definitely a psu problem
  6. interesting...
    but i dont see how this will help?
    it seems my new gpu isnt getting power at all
  7. If you think it's broken, the easiest fix would be to replace it, I guess.
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