Which one?! Need reply ASAP.

Should I get the Gigabyte 580 GTX for 210 with 2 year warranty?
OR the EVGA GTX 580 (superclocked) for 235 with lifetime warranty?!

Can anyone direct me towards FPS benchmarks for the two?
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More about which reply asap
  1. Canadian currency.
  2. Do you plan to use it longer than 2 years?
  3. Yes, hoping it would last from 2-3 years.
  4. 2 years? Depends on the game..Crysis 3 battlefield 4 will be a bit tougher on the gpu. Far cry 3 isnt a joke either but it depends on what you play
  5. The Gigabyte GTX 580 is Out of Stock and the eVGA is $529.99 Canadian or $369.99 refurbished with only a one year warranty. Where are you getting your prices?
  6. From kijiji for used.
  7. Sometimes the lifetime warranty is not transferable, to the new owner.
  8. I would avoid going with a 500 series card with the money you are talking about spending you could easily purchase a 7970 or a 670. The newer gen cards will handle DX11 more smoothly are vastly superior to the 580 and will provide a more enjoyable experience. Plus you will get new games upon purchase from both sides of the fence.
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