Computer randomly wont turn on!

I just recently build a new computer (my first build) and over the bast couple of days after i turned it off manually and safely from windows 7 i would come back a few hours later, and it wouldn't turn on so both times it happened I tightened a bunch of wires and got it to turn on again and all was well and good.

But now I get my mother-bored splash screen when I turn it on (Asrock extreme6) i'm just asking in the hopes i can resolve it before it gets worse if it does.

I would really appreciate any form of troubleshooting or suggestions!
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  1. were can I get help on this my warranty's run out in 4 days...
  2. What are all of your components? Are all your plugs seated correctly?

    Is your copy of widows genuine? (not a piratebay version)
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