HP 2311 GT Monitor 3D Playback FAIL


I have an HP 2311 gt 3D monitor.


I'm trying to watch the Puss in Boots demo that comes with it but I'm faling!

The playback is not 3D at all - you know how you can see how the Left and Right eyes overlap each other
and it's kind of blurry -- none of that!

AND, when I put on my glasses there are these odd "lines" across the screen,
like shadows from window blinds.

I'm wondering if it's a communication problem between my monitor and my computer;
specifically the graphics card.

I have a brand new Asus desktop with an AMD HD 7670 dedicated graphics card.


Is there a specific way I need to set up this card so I can watch 3D media on a 3D capable monitor?

Could there be any other problem?
Any help would be sooo appreciated.

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  1. The horizontal lines, are how passive systems work. Every other line is viewable by one eye or the other, so you end up with horizontal spaces. Have you tried to see if Tridef works? I have a feeling the problem is not the monitor, but the software/codex.
  2. TriDef is not working well either - even the menu controls are the same
    kind of weird.
    Google Earth is just normal 2D when I launch with TriDef.
    Trying to watch the Puss in Boots Demo with Tridef doesn't work either.
    I don't have anything else I can test TriDef with. :(
  3. Tridef won't work with those. Tridef is for gaming.
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