DVI output not displaying anything on HDMI projector

I have an Ati 6450HD card. When I plug in my proejector i use a DVI to HDMI calbe and the projector doesnt see the signal and neither does windows recognize the display. When i plug in a regular DVI monitor with a DVI to DVI cable it works fine. Can someone help ?
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  1. On the projector, did you change the input port to HDMI (assuming you have the DVI end connected to your PC)?
  2. Yes. I also switched back and forth on the projector between component input to HDMI input to try and wake up the DVI-I on my pc but doesnt work. I also plugged in a DVI LCD regular monitor on my pc and it works fine...Finally i tried one more thing is that i put a dvi to vga adapter and plugged in the same LCD monitor that has a vga port and that didnt work like the projector.

    Im at a loss...
  3. Does any input on the projector work when connected to another source?
  4. The same cable that i currently run from HDMI projector to DVI pc i ca put in a blu ray or set top box with an DVI to HDMI converter and it works fine. Also the other projector inputs all work fine. The only time it will refuse to work if it is a signal that comes either from the HDMI or DVI port of my pc video card
  5. How long are the cables (HDMI and DVI) that you are trying to use to connect your PC to the projector?
  6. About 25 feet
  7. Could be a signal strength issue with the HD6450. Can you try a shorter cable just to see if they work with the projector?
  8. I will try it tonight .
  9. Good luck!
  10. Ok its working not how it should but its working. I am tricking my video card here is how i do it. I plugged in a dvi to hdmi cable in my HD TV then my video card sees two displays my LG 22 inch monitor and my HDTV. I then change the resolution on both to 1280 x 720 which is the native resolution of the projector. I apply these settings and once its done i then unplug the dvi cable and plug in the dvi cable from the monitor and BINGO i see the picture....

    Like i said its not perfect but it works at least and after 4 days i cant take it anymore. What i will do from now on is whenever is use my projector ( once a week ) i will need to do this 5 minute tango.

  11. Glad you figured out a work around to get the job done. Congrats!

    Weird situation. I think the cable length is contributing to the situation.

    Have fun!
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