DVI output not displaying anything on HDMI projector

I have an Ati 6450HD card. When I plug in my proejector i use a DVI to HDMI calbe and the projector doesnt see the signal and neither does windows recognize the display. When i plug in a regular DVI monitor with a DVI to DVI cable it works fine. Can someone help ?
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  1. I would like to help you out more with your dilemma, but I need a little more info about the situation. What is the make and model of the Projector and the Computer you are operating off of? I would also suggest that you should look for any drivers or support from the manufacturer's web site to see if there are any software used to help the communication between the 2 devices. Is the ATI 6450HD card your primary/only graphics card available. If you have another HD graphics card I would try to allocate my media through another card, while troubleshooting the ATI HD card. I'm sure you have already done this but, be sure to make sure your actual physical connection between the devices are in good order. Meaning, make sure none of the the pins are bent (DVI and VGA cables have many connection points and often get bent because of the small fragile pins). Use some pressurized air if you have a can laying around the house, to blow out any dirt or debris particles that may cause interference between your devices. Please let me know how it goes.

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