How do I find the WEP/WPA/Security Key/Password for my wireless router

How do i find the WEP/WPA security key password
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  1. cweekes said:
    How do i find the WEP/WPA security key password

    Well, to retrieve your security key for your router, called WEP/WAP/WAP2 etc, you need to login to your Router's page first of all. Here are the steps for that.

    (1) Open the command prompt (black window) and then type the command "ipconfig" without the quotes and then hit enter.

    (2) You would find an info called Default Gateway, type the same ip address in any browser's address bar and then hit the enter key

    (3) Now, it would prompt you for the user id and password. By default it should be admin and admin or admin and password and admin and blank, depends on the manufacturer of your router. Or if you have changed the password, then you need to enter yours.

    (4) Hereafter, look for the option called 'Wireless' and then underneath it you can find as which encryption algorithm such as WEP/WPA/WPA2 have been enabled and what's the paaskey. Here you can change it and then save it again.
  2. is the WEP my personal password
  3. WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is indeed not a password. It is termed as a key. And yes its personal for you as if you enable this functionality, intruders/strangers can not get into your wireless network.
  4. Use WPA if it's an option,WEP is easy to bypass.
  5. :hello: Very true.......Even, WEP is considered nowadays outdated encryption :non: . The latest wireless encryption algorithm is WPA2, which divides your selected key in 64bit and 128 bit encryption. If your router manufacturer supports this latest algorithm, then don't hesitate to use. Willingly, you will secure your networking as strong as your padlocks are....
  6. Yes WPA is the way or WPA2!
  7. Both can be considered as a 'Way'. But WPA2 is more advanced and latest as it supports the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and TKIP protocol.
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