Need help building a new pc

hi there im thinking about rebuildin my pc i have

high current gamer 750w power supplie

1x gigabite gtx 650 video card

a coolermaster 690 case

a coolermaster x6 elite cpu cooler

a lga 1155 2.8g i5 cpu

windows 7 64 bit pro

a intel DZ75sl motherbored with one pci expessx16 slot

and 6gigs of ram!

this is what i found for cpus on sale at mircocenter

newer i5

or a n ew i7

and im looking for a good motherbored to support it all and im thinkin about getin Two
down the road i just wanna see what alll im gonna need to boost in order to make a computer for the newist games comeing out i also wanna blow them otta the water lol
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  1. or should i wait tell the new sires of graphics cards realsie or a new cpu and then go all out?
  2. I suggest working on your grammar, giving the exact parts, & say a budget ( not being rude or anything ). Also, the 7850 is better than the 650 and is in the same price range.
  3. sorry i going to save up and come back with a budget and ok ill buy the 7850 if its cheep thanks for the help =D
  4. No problem. The prices might drop in a little while so that is a good choice.
  5. thanks toster lol!
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