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I'm shopping for a case, what length are most graphics cards. The 7850 I'm looking at only has a length of 207mm, but I would like to know I'm not going to be stuck in future.
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  1. Any case at this point custom case that you would buy at newegg, microcent, ncix w.e will have cases that will support your card the cards you have to worry about are the 10-12 inch cards mainly due to them hitting your drive bay cages. What kind of case are you looking for.

    1. Looks
    A. are you more about lights or are you more about elligance
    B. What kind of Aesthetics would you like.
    2. Noise
    A. Are you wanting more of a silent rig or more of a normal case
  2. One other thing you may want to watch out for, is the motherboard's SATA headers. If they are the 'face-up' type, your card may cover some of them.
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