Installing Graphics Card Problem/Question

I am currently using an XFX HD 6770 1 GB GDDR5

What I wanted to do was just reinstall my current drivers and gpu.

So, I uninstalled my GPU/drivers by going to the device manager, and then I manually uninstalled the ATI software..

Once I rebooted, I went to the XFX website, and downloaded and INSTALLED the drivers before my computer could detect my XFX HD 6770.

***My computer kept installing the Standard VGA Display..., which I uninstalled before rebooting again."***

Then, once I rebooted again, it detected my HD 6770 and I finished installing the remaining files for my drivers.

Is this routine safe? It's not like I switched from ATI to Nvidia. I used the same graphics card..
My concern is that you would usually INSTALL the drivers AFTER the computer has detected your graphics card (HD 6770). However, I installed the drivers BEFORE it detected my graphics card.

There doesn't seem to be any issue currently. I can see my graphics card in dxdiag. The AMD VISION Engine Control Center seems to be working fine with my HD 6770.

So, going back to my primary question: Was this routine safe?
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  1. That's perfectly normal. Windows needs to have a generic graphic driver for when you have no other driver installed. You are good.
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