What exactly causes BSOD?

I know that may be an impossible question to answer "exactly", but I'm more curious about what are the typical causes of the infamous BSOD? The reason I ask: My current custom build, which is an upgrade from a previous custom build, gets the blue screen every once in a great while....hardly enough to really annoy me or cause problems with my work, just not a problem...However if the possibility to resolve the issue permanently, or even get a better understanding of their triggers would be worth to pursue at least.

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  1. Write down the stop code, google it and you will know the exact cause of YOUR bsod.
  2. It can be software or hardware. Most commonly it is a bad driver or driver compatibility issues. Second most common is bad memory. From there it gets difficult to track down the exact cause.

    Checking recent minidumps with a program like bluescreenview can be useful.
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