Need new graphics card need help on what to get.

I currently just got a:

Asus Desktop Pc CM1745 Series

Amd A8-5500 APU 3.2 GHZ

8 GB of Ram

64 But windows 8

I am in need of a bigger power supply as well Can anyone lend a hand? I am also pretty sure i have missed a few key things you guys may need to know.
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  1. What is the current power supply in the computer?
    And what is your budget for a new video card and power supply if needed?
  2. I will have to open it up and check just want to respond so ya didn't think i was gone. I was thinking around 200-300 dollars for the graphics card and around 60 for the Power supply unless its important to get a better one.
  3. AcBel HBA008-ZA1GT 350 Power Supply i believe so you need anything else from it?
  4. You can get hd 7870, gtx 660 or gtx 660 ti.
  5. i can add Nvidia with a amd computer? fyi i am not to literate with comps.
  6. Dude you can add any gpu you can.there is no relation between your cpu and gpu.
  7. awesome well thx for the help man now to find one that fits and has right slot i guess.
  8. Woah, woah man you cant run a 660 or a 660 ti or a 7870 especially the 7870. They all require a 450 watt or greater and the 7870 requires a 500 watt or greater. I would go with the radeon hd 6670 or a 7750, maybe, you mifht could run a geforce gtx 650 but then again i wouldnt risk it. So yeah i would go with a 6670 or a 7750 for better performance. You cant run much with a 350 watt psu. Sorry man a psu is a good investment.
  9. ya i got ya there i was already gonna buy a new PSU the one that came with the computer was complete crap. Im just trying to fig out what one to get that will run
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