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Hello,i got Thermaltake TR2 600w with FX6100 1HDD Asus M5a97 motherboard with HIS 6670 1gb DDR5 . i want to change for fx8350 and Power Color HD 7870 Vortex II 2gb/256bit ddr5 PCS+ plus add one SSD disk can my power supply handle it i wry i might have problems ? thank you for help
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  1. Yes your psu can handle my opinion you should go for other brands of gpu rather than powercoler.i would reccomend go for saphhire,his,gigabyte hd 7870.
  2. A 7870 needs a 500w psu with two 6 pin pci-e connectors.
    In theory, your psu will do the job.
    But... the Thermaltake TR2 is a tier 5(not recommended, replace asap) unit on this list:

    And also, if your objective is gaming, as indicated by your gpu upgrade, then a FX-8350 will not be a very good change.
    Few games use more than 2-3 cores, and the bulldozer cores are slower than the new intel cores on a clock for clock basis.
    A 2500K or 3570K would be better.

    The SSD is a wonderful change; you will never go back.
  3. thank you very much for help :)
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