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I've decided to build a PC and after looking around for a while have settled a some parts. However, I have a few questions about some of them and it would also be helpful if some people more knowledgeable than me about this kind of thing look over it and see if there's any way to improve it, drop the price, etc.
The parts I've seen are:

i5 3570k -
Gigabye GA-Z77-D3H Motherboard -
Vengeance 2x4gb Memory -
Sapphire AMD HD 7770 GPU -
XFX ProSeries 450W Core Edition Power Supply - (Will this be enough?)
Fractal Design Core 3000 - ( Is it worth Paying Extra for the Arc Midi?)
160GB Seagate Drive (I have this already)
OCZ Technology OCZ Vertex Plus R2 SATA 2 60GB - (Not sure about which one to get, or whether it is worth paying the extra for a Sata-III Drive, It's only for the OS)

Thanks for any help
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  1. 60GB isn't ideal for OS when your gaming(120GB minimum) because it get filled fast(only 50GB usable after windows installed)... other than that, your build is good...
  2. Also increase the power supply to minimum 600W so if you upgrade (GPU) in the future you don't need another psu
  3. If its a gaming PC you are spending far to little of the graphics card compared to the CPU if its not you most likely don't need the graphics card at all.
  4. Guys this is for Farmville(facebook game) so it doesn't need anything good, a AMD FX 6300 CPU should gives everything his grandma needed for her games IF it's not an game like LoL
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