Need help with hardware upgrades

Hello, im currently seeking help with some possible upgrades. I have noticed lately im getting quite a bit of lag and stutter with my current build while playing World of Warcraft. my current setup is:

AMD Phenom 965 BE
MSI 790fx GD70
4gigs OCZ Black Edition RAM 1600mhz
Sapphire Toxic Edition 5850 2gig GPU
Corsair 850hx power supply.

I would like to get a few upgrades to make my computer a little more future proof, any advice would be great.
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  1. Get this: and overclock your CPU.

    Get a new GPU. something along the lines of an hd7850/gtx 660 will be a good upgrade.
  2. I currently have a Corsair H50 cpu cooler, is that sufficient enough for overclocking my cpu? Also im partial to ATI/AMD is a 7850 a pretty good jump up from the 5850?
  3. Yeah you should be able to overclock with that cooler.

    Here is a comparison of the two cards:
  4. Thats a pretty big jump with the 7850. Im not much of an overclocker so im probably better of to have someone do it for me. Should i stick with Sapphire or is there a better brand?
  5. Sapphire is a good brand. XFX and Gigabyte are also good brands.
  6. Thanks for all your help.
  7. Anytime! Always glad to help.
  8. One more question. Ive noticed the reviews on the 1gig card are better than the 2gig 7850. IS there quite a bit of difference?
  9. Unless you have more than one monitor, there will be little or no difference. 1gb cards are usually cheaper. If you can get a 2gb card, go for it, but if not it won't make much of a difference.
  10. I run a 24 inch monitor and thats it. The price difference isnt much, i guess i should go ahead and grab the 2gig. Thanks again.
  11. No problem!
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