Anyone have experience with crossfire + WoW?

So i am debating buying a pair of radeon 6850's to go in crossfire for a couple reasons:

1. I have a buyer for my gtx 465, so a pair of refurbished 6850's will only cost me 100 bucks.
2. My system is compatible with dual 6850's, i didnt purpose build for crossfire but it turns out dual 6850's will work. (motherboard, power supply is enough)

I am basically posting here to avoid any potential head aches caused by this technology. I have heard of alt tabbing issues with windowed fullscreen and crossfire, is this true? I alt tab a LOT and this alone would be a deal breaker for me. If anyone has experienced crossfire+WoW id love to hear what you think of it (even better if you used 6850's). Any insight appreciated.
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  1. I have experience with SLi and world of warcraft it runs fine. I would say though that you are better off buying one card rather then 2. What would your budget be if you were to go with one card.
  2. Found this on another Thread
    He mentions his 6850 X-Fire there ;)

    my 660 runs skyrim with hi res texture pack on ultra settings 1080p keeping a the 60fps vsync cap pretty solidly. i used to have 6850 crossfire and in spots where the crossfire setup would dip to 40 fps and run jerkily, the 660 maintains 60 fps solid
  3. Well like i said i already have a gtx 465 and it is on par or better than a single 6850, but ive never built a multi GPU system and it turns out my PSU and motherboard support dual 6850's. Im not interested in buying a single 6850.

    If i were to buy a single card i would likely go with a gtx 660ti, but i am itching to try a multi gpu setup, even tho ive heard horror stories it sounds fun to tinker with lol.

    I have another thread open on the power supply forum asking about crossfire 7850's, i would go that route before the 6850's but im not 100% sure my power supply is up to snuff (i know it is for 6850's tho). My power supply:
  4. Just like to add, yes i know AMD suggests 600w for a crossfire 7850 setup but ive read two reviews and 7850xfire will only be around 450w, im more worried about 7850 amp draw (which i cannot find anywhere on the internet lol)
  5. It looks nice to have trust me I had two 560Ti's but decided to upgrade and it was smoother doing so I went with a 670. I would stick to a single GPU.

  6. Anyone else that has experience with crossfire, not saying the SLI comments arent valid its just that id like to hear from some crossfire folks.
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