Upgrading advice /w i5 3570k + gtx 690

Hi long story short my current rig is

Haf 922 case
X4 965 black edition
16 gigs vengeance ram
Sapphire 5770 1gig
Corsair 850 watt psu
And a dead rot mobo.

I've wanted to switch to intel and do a big over haul . I know haswell is in the works but its a case of buy or be left out. I've my eye on an i5 3570k and a single gtx 690. I've considered 2 gtx 680 but I know later in the year Ill have the money for another gtx 690 if I wanted it.
My down to business question is what mobo would without bottleneck support dual gtx 690s?
My justification is overkill to be sure future proofing :P I will be running 3 27inch monitors just FYI. I'll be keeping my ram and psu and case, which leads me to ask will a haf 922 fit 2 690 gtxs, because I was looking at the cosmos 2 as a replacement. Any suggestions? I've been looking at the asrock z77 extreme 6 and msi z77 mpower for the dual monster Gpu set up. I've acknowledged the extreme 4 mobo but figured if there is a more superior model then why include it.

Just a bit about me, I run a family business, have no kids and pc gaming and photography are my two technology sided hobbies. So this isn't a dream list . Thanks a million for all who contribute !

Ps. I will overclock the CPU but its not my priority so pure overclocking mobos aren't neccesary :)
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  1. I personally would just upgrade your GPU to a 7970 Ghz then get Haswell later. Your CPU is still capable.
  2. I'll have to buy a new mobo cause my old one is fried hence the whole post :P but I see your reasoning
  3. What resolution are the monitors? if u want to multi monitor game on something like 1440p monitors your gonna need more then 2gb Vram and 2 GPUs min, if they are 1080P a GTX680 / 7970 will do it and a 690 will be perfect.
    though the 7970's still hold the memory advantage , do they have 4gb GTX670's? a pair of them would be good if u wanted to stay nvidia or 4gb 680's for the extra memory
  4. 2GB can be a problem especially @ 2560x1440p, I know Crysis 3 eats more than 2GB at that resolution on Ultra setting, and it become worse with MSAA. I honestly would go for a Titan instead of a GTX 690, especially with 3 27inch monitors.

    For your motherboard stick with Asus, MSI or Gigabyte Z77 platform.
  5. If you are planning on doing that build I would go with redeemer is suggesting especially if you have the money.
  6. Thank you all for your replys. i typed up the op on my ipad so it was hard to fit everything. after some more research i found out its actually really hard for me to find 3d monitors in the republic of ireland and still at prices on amazon uk there not as good as an investment as pc components. so back to my double edged question.

    which mobo and why for a gaming set up with an i5 3570k and triple 1920x1080 27inch monitor set up for nvidia surround

    dual 680gtx in sli?

    or single gtx690 paired with a second in the future 2/3 months??

    i love playing games like crysis and skyrim with reality mods and everything else really.

    i acknowledge the asrock extreme4 and extreme 6 z77 boards and the msi z77 mpower, any other boards i should be looking at and why??
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