Best Motherboard/RAM Combo for G860 / GTX 650 Ti Gaming Budget PC

Hi all!

Looking to put together budget gaming PC.

Already have some parts:

CPU: Intel G860 Sandy Bridge


PSU: Corsair CX500

I'm wondering what your thoughts are for a good motherboard and RAM.

I understand the G860 is limited to 1333 RAM.
I would like USB 3.0 ports on the motherboard.

Cost should be reasonable / on par with the above parts.

Thanks so much!
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  1. Get any b75 motherboard and any 2x2gb RAM.
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    any lga 1155 motherboard will fit the requirements, as 1333 is usually the speed that is accepted on any lga 1155 board, and a g860 sandy can fit into any h61/h67/p67/z68/b75/h77/z75/z77 motherboard. H61 is pure budget, where b75 and h67 tend to be the slight step above that. your budget decides what you want on the motherboard.
  3. Thanks for replies. Yikes a lot of options...

    No overclocking for the G860... I am considering a SSD for the OS, is H77 better for the SSD caching? I have no plans to upgrade the board or components in the near future.

    Is H77 the best bet here, is it worth the extra cost?

  4. what you want to be sure is have a motherboard with Sata 3.0 6 gb/s connector on it if you want to use an ssd. thats the only real requirement to really use the ssd's speed for the most part.
  5. Any thoughts on either of these:

    $58 + 6 dollars shipping

    $70 - 10% off = 63 - 15 MIR = $48
  6. Get the ASRock.
  7. ASRock is more expensive, only 2 RAM slots, 1 SATA 6 GB... What is your thought process?

    ASRock better brand overall ?
  8. asrock has better customer service if thats what your looking for. biostar tends to have better value for hardware you are exactly getting.

    edit: biostar is also less used, so people don't have alot of experience with it. Personally, my experience was fine.
  9. Thanks for replies. Biostar certainly seems to be the better value.

    Any reason I would need more than 8 gb of RAM? Can get ram combo's with the Biostar for a decent price... No combo's with the ASRock.
  10. No, games use 4-6gb max so 8gb is plenty.
  11. Another question, will this case support the ASRock Mobo?
  12. Yes, but its stupidly expensive
  13. Picked up the case for 60 bucks a few days ago, always wanted to try a Lian Li...

    Another silly question... DDR 1333 PC3 10666 vs DDR 1333 PC3 10600. What the heck is the difference? And does it matter?
  14. no difference. companies choose to pick the numbers almost differently.
  15. You guys have been great, thank you so much for your help!
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