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So I recently got a new laptop that I really like and it has an AMD Radeon 7670m 2gb (equivalent to the Nvidia 630m) and I wanted to do a bit more serious gaming. Is it possible for me to get a ViDock and use an GTX 680.

I'm not to concerned about cost, and while this may make my laptop less portable, it is still more portable than a desktop as I can just disconnect the ViDock and take it to school when I want.

I just want to know if this is possible before I spend 700+ dollars.
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  1. Ahhh, posible? Yes. Recommended? Not in the slightest with a 680. The card is massive. I would suggest a 660 Ti or 670 or a 760 or a 770. Slightly smaller cards. Also make sure you get the correct ViDock, I believe the 4 Plus.
  2. I dont recommend a vidock. Its just too overpriced for what it offers. But if you are solid in your decision, then make sure you get the one that powers the video card.

    For the price of a card and a vidock, you could make a gaming computer.
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