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i have a wireless speaker (discovery channel expedition wireless speakers) with a usb port to plug into my computer but i am not getting any sound from them. Do i need to buy a soundcard that specifically has a usb port or do i have something set wrong on my computer that will let my sound signal go out through the usb . Is there an adapter that would let me use the usb port with my reg round audio outputs. Pretty confused. Thx for your help.
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  1. Sound signals do not come through USB automatically, you have to tell Windows to send the sound through the USB port that your speaker transmitter device is plugged into.

    This is for Windows 7 only (doesn't apply to Vista or XP):

    1) right-click on the volume icon in notification area and choose Playback devices.

    2) right-click on the device you want audio going to and choose Set As Default Device
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