Bad initial loading times on a game

i have;

asus maximus v formula
16gb corsair dominator ram
7970 gigabyte Ghz

ive been mostly playing D3 since i got the pc, this evening i tried playing and I really got irritated at the loading time. loading client was fast, but when i loaded past the login (where initial character select is) the game went to a crawl with hard drive making an assload of noise, then selected charecter => game started loading world, it took forever and when i say forever, i mean i experience much MUCH faster loading times with my old computer (q6600 with 550ti running 4~6 clients at same time) once again, this load was accompanied by a really loud hard drive noise.

is my hard drive the problem? ~WD velociraptor 500gb~

at the same time i was downloading a game as well. I did open 2 clients at the same time (for main char and 2nd for support char), none of my 7200rpm drives made that much noise, well i remember my first sata drive made that sort of noise when it had a bad sector and was crashing down a lot.

spec for game

Intel® Core™2 Duo 6300 equivalent or above
2 GB or more RAM
NVIDIA® GeForce® 7600 GT or ATI/AMD Radeon™ X1800 512MB equivalent or higher
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  1. It might be the hard drive. Check smart information on the drive first to see if it has a lot of re-allocated clusters and run a few tests. Also, defragmenting the disc may help reduce seeking and speed loading up a little bit. Is your hard drive getting full by any chance?
  2. I agree, check your HDD health and also try to defrag it and try not to fill it too full.

    Regardless of the test result, if your HDD is already 3-5 years old, I would recommend that you consider of getting a new one.
    I buy a new HDD every 3-5 years and use my old ones only for back-up purposes....if they are still healthy of course..My latest and current data HDD in my main PC is a 3TB Seagate 7200.14...

    You can also consider of adding an SSD to your system if you hate to wait long during game loading, system cold boot, etc.
    I have a Crucial M4 128GB for almost 2 years now and I will not build any new PC (not data servers) for me without it :)
  3. I agree with the above. If load times are bothering you then an SSD upgrade would be well worth it. You will be amazed at what a difference an SSD can make in overall system speed. It's a night and day difference and highly recommended.
  4. +1 on the get an SSD idea. It's like a religious revelation.

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