Is my gpu working properly?

I recently have built a pc and was wondering if it was working properly? Its not a big issue that im going crazy about or anything, i just wanted to know if my gpu or cpu is working at its best. ive been playing planetside 2 and i get around 40 fps most of the time even in large battles. In batman Arkham city i get around 55fps most of the time and it might even drop to 30fps and then go back up. I have a feeling that my cpu or gpu should be giving me more and that they're not working the way they are supposed to. i have used cpuz and gpuz they recognise my cpu and gpu and i also have the latest drivers.

My specs:-
i7 3770k@3.5ghz
Asus maximus v formula motherboard
Asus gtx 680 direct cuii OC edition
Corsair H80 cooling
Corsair AX850 psu
Cooler master haf xm case
Corsair dominator 8gb(4gbx2) ram
(these are the important ones(i think))

If someone could tell me whether im worried for nothing and that everythings fine or maybe there is a problem with something.

Thank you.
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  1. You have any idea what you max temperatures and utilization are? GPU-z's graphs should be able to tell you.
  2. Sounds like your gpu isn't being used 100%. Run gpuz and click log to file. Now run a game for a while and when you are done go to the sensors tab and click on gpu usage until it gets to max. Let me know what it says there. It should be ~99%.
  3. Thank you for your quick replies. I ran planetside 2 for a while and followed your instructions. My maximum gpu temperature was 56 degress celcius. i was unable to find anything that said gpu usage but there was gpu looad which i am assuming is more or less the same. My maximum gpu load was 80 percent and for the time i ran it it the gpu load stayed around 65-80%. I then ran Arkham city and my max gpu temp was 59 degrees celcius and gpu load stayed at 98% for the majority of the time i played.
    Thank you again for your replies.
  4. Ok it sounds like planetside isn't using your gpu well. Do you have a beta driver installed? If so, rollback to the newest certified driver. I'm 95% sure this is a driver problem as your specs are great all around.
  5. I dont have the beta drivers, infact i just updated my drivers today and i havent noticed any huge change in performance. The drivers i installed today, im pretty sure, are certified and ive double checked that on their website. Planetside 2 i think actually runs decently considering the number of people who have problems with it and also considering how badly its optimized. That could be the reason my gpu isnt being utilized. Maybe im worrying too much and everything's fine. Ill leave it as it is right now and maybe look into it if i run into huge problems.
    Thank you so much for your replies i really do appreciate it.
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