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Possible problem with my Graphics card

Hi, I think im having a problem with my Graphics card. Everything was running fine with it but I recently formatted my PC and reinstalled everything and I noticed only when I have my graphics driver installed it hangs at the welcome screen(no text is shown on the welcome screen when it hangs). I uninstalled the driver in safe mode and I tried an older version of the driver and I get the same problem.

GTX 570 1260MB RAM
Corsair 750 PSU
Asus P7P55d
Core i5-750 @4.0ghz
8Gb Gskill RAM
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  1. In the specs I wrote down 4.0ghz It is actually running at stock 2.66ghz when I tried formatting and installing my drivers.
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    Download driver sweeper, uninstall the driver in control panel, boot in safe mode and use driver sweeper then boot into norma and install the newest certified driver.
  3. try starting windows using i-gpu and update windows as well as the drivers and see if that works
  4. Okay as embrassing as this is I figured out the problem. I didn't realize my secondary HDMI was still plugged in to the graphis card. I took it out and it works fine. But thanks for the help!!
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