Need a better card than NVIDIA 8400GS


I currently use NVIDIA 8400GS graphics card. I would like to switch to another card with better performance so that i can play Assassin Creed 2 and 3, Batman arkham series, Prototype, Mass effect 3 NFS games without any lagging.

Below are my PC specification

DG33FB motherboard.
INTEL Core 2 Duo processor 3.0 GHz.

Could any one please advise me a better graphics card in affordable rates.
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  1. what is your budget and your psu wattage?
  2. I would recommend the AMD 7850 1GB model if you are playing at below 1080p resolution. If you are playing at 1080p or 1200p I would go for the 2GB 7850 (1GB will sometimes limit performance at 1080p) only if you can't afford the HD 7870.
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