I5 3550 or i5 2500

i5 3550 or i5 2500 both ar 3.30 with 6gb ram
i want to run gtx 690
which will perform more good?
with 8gb ram
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  1. With a GTX 690?
    You insane? Surely get a i5 3570k atleast.
    Out o them i5 3550 is better. As it is 3rd Gen

    Get a GTX 670. Next-Gen is around. You can get GTX 790 later if you want.
    And sell that GTX 670 for a little
  2. i cant run gtx 690?
  3. it will bottleneck?
  4. You can run. No Major Bottlenecks
    But why you are spending much on GTX 690 and less on CPU?
  5. yes....at least go for the 3570K

    the 2500k oc s better though
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