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Hello, being new to the trade, i have run into some trouble whilst installing my new graphics card. The graphics card is an ASUS Radeon HD 6450 DDR3 PCI-E 1GB. Apparently my motherboard supports GDDR3. My problem being that once i have booted my computer, after having uninstalled the drivers for my previous graphics card, it will boot my computer to a point at which my operating system (Windows XP) will stop loading, or at least stay on the same frame of animation, and freeze in place. the disk which came with the card requires me to have the card installed for the drivers to be put into place. i am able to run the computer in safe mode but when the disk is loaded and i click the "Drivers" tab, it will start loading files to install, and give an error message about the install. i am stumped by these results and cannot figure out what has gone wrong with the install, the card, or any other factors determining the install. Any help given on the topic would be much appreciated.
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  1. Best thing to do now is to clear any remnants of any old drivers. While in safe mode, use a driver sweeper program to remove any traces of graphics drivers (Nvidia & AMD).
    After that, check if you are able to boot normally. If you are, you can try installing the driver.

    Oh, and make sure the driver you opt to install is for the right OS (in your case XP) and the right bit (either 32/64-bit).
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