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Pure red screen

Well I've panicking quite a lot about this. The red screen only shows up after logging into my user, the red screen will pop up in about 5-10 seconds.

I've tried using 2 monitors so I know that it is the computer and I figure it has to do something with graphics card. The monitor runs from a VGA male cord at both ends and a DVI adapter into a GTX 670 FTW by EVGA. I'm in desperate need of help and googles searches have yielded very little and inconsistent results.

Oh yes this red screen has slowly started to happen more and more, it used to happen like once every 2 weeks but now it happens nearly every time and when it does slip through safely the computer runs perfectly and I can play SC 2 on the highest settings.

What is the problem and where is it even rooting from, how can I fix it?
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  1. Are you running Windows Vista?
  2. Windows 7 32Bit
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    Ok, I was thinking about the Vista red screen of death. But obviously it's not that. Could be the nVidia rsod. Sound very similar, link below:

    There are many more too, if you think that's the prob and need more info. Just search the keywords.
  4. That wasnt the exact problem but it led me to the answer thank you. I'm for ever in your debt.
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