Are these temperatures safe for 8800GT?

Even on idle my gpu temperature shows around 100-110 C degrees. I have never seen that before.

Also, my gpu died not so long ago. So i tried baking it and i ressurrected it. So, i think baking it broke the sensors and it shows like that. Temps didn't exceed 70C before baking(even on 100% load).

You can see in the pictures i underclocked it. Even at 325-475 gpu-mem clock (those are minimum) temperatures doesn't change.
Also gives a black screen on load. It did that before baking too but after black screen i would do alt-tab and make gpu idle a little and it would be okay. But now, i can't escape from black screen. It needs a restart now.

Is it trash now ? Can i recover from this ?

Sorry for English, not my native language.
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  1. doesnt sound like theres much that can be done for this my friend, time for a new card :0 sadly.

    and no those temps seem high,
  2. Can i try baking again? Can it help ?
  3. i did not much understand what you meant by,"baking "...but i believe you overheating problem is due to the drivers not being up to date.

    sweep all the drivers and update them with the recent ones.

    also clean your heat sink off any dust that might have settled.
    further more remove the heat sink and re apply a fresh coat of thermal paste.
  4. i know nothing about baking and doesnt seem like an ordinary thing to do, just let it be its dead, buy a new one, i really dont recommand doing what u are but if u wanna bake it go ahead, but my suggestion is time for a new card.
  5. Like baking a pie. In oven. Google it, it's a reliable solution.

    If baking damaged the sensors, can i lower down the fan speed? It works at 100% because of the broken temperature.
  6. i havent heard of this or would recommand baking a videocard, to answer ur question, those temperatures arent safe and 2. dont bake electronics.
  7. Well, my video card had artifacts before it, now they're gone. So, it worked after all.

    Also, found out that i can't lower my fan speed. When i try it with afterburner or speedfan, comp automatically increases the fan speed. It's out of my control now.
  8. Well, i'm gonna go ahead and download FurMark now. Let's see what happens at 100% load.

    I bet the sensors are broken because, my case is not that hot at all.
  9. Update: It didn't work. As soon as i opened it, computer gave a black screen.
  10. did any part break off while opening it?
  11. If the card was old, and had a lot of use, what you should of done first without baking it.
    You should clean all of the old thermal paste of the Gpu die, and off the cooling plate of the heat sink sitting on the Gpu die., take care if there are thermal pads on the ram chips not to lose them. Once you cleaned all the thermal paste off both. You should apply some fresh compound, to the gpu die in the center, then spread it in a thin layer all the way across the silver part of the die. You then should check how much dust is trapped in the fin sections of the cooler inside the cooler housing and clean all of the thick dust out.
    Also clean the Fan blades ect of dust. clamp it all back together fairly tight once done the temps will drop. to about 55c in windows if done right and up to 65c-68c under load when playing a game ect. You were on the limmit of burning the Gpu out at 100c to 110c Btw.
  12. Quote:
    did any part break off while opening it?

    No. None of the parts were broke. And i'm still using the same pc.

    55c in windows if done right and up to 65c-68c under load when playing a game ect. You were on the limmit of burning the Gpu out at 100c to 110c Btw.

    Well, i already did everything before baking. I cleaned all the dust. Applied new paste etc. It still gave artifacts, so i decided to bake it.

    And of course i did not bake gpu with fan and plate on it.
  13. Ah yes, the "oven hack". With the 8000 series GeForce cards there is a problem where soldered joints would detach over time leading to artifacting issues and other problems. Baking the card can resolder the desoldered components and get the card working again. However, there is no guarantee that it will work.

    Baking it again isn't going to help your temperature problems. You can try reapplying thermal paste, though at this point I think it's time to just get a replacement card. 4 years is a pretty long lifespan for a graphics card, and there is no way the thing is still under warranty, so you'll need to buy a replacement either way.
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