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Sorry for my bad english.

I am gonna buy a new laptop with this specs (core i5-3210M 2.5 GHZ, 6-8 GB Ram, and Video Card GT 630m or Radeon HD 7670m).

Now, this is the question: If the videocard will crash or if i wanna change the video card, can i replace it? With a better one, like GTX 660 or GTX 560-570-580 or hd 6950 or 7850 or another 1 with 256bit GDDR5... The laptop have integrated hd 4000 and dedicated gt 630m or 7670m. I am gonna chose one of two laptops. The difference is made by the video card (gt 630m or hd 7670m).

I seen on this site another questions, but a little different. I know, for the older laptops the upgrade is not possible. But the modern laptops, can be upgraded the dedicated video cards. I read an answer, and that user said "Video card upgrading it's possible but it's a little hard to do that".

So, that upgrade can be possible?
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  1. u cant upgrade most laptops, unless u get an alienware or custom laptop. witch u wont probably, id just get a decent graphic card with the laptop u want, if u wanna game a gtx 660m or better ur gonna need for decent performance.
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