Interested in new prebuilt pc. need help picking

I am considering getting a new computer maybe at best buy and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on brand and model.(open to suggested other places. I am on the east coast usa if that matters.) I currently have a dell xps 730x i7 940 2.93ghz, 6gb ddr3 i think it is 1066, 500gb hd, gtx 280, vista 64bit computer which has had tons of issues. The reason I am considering a new pc mainly is my current one takes forever to boot up I would say on average 15 minutes :sleep: and it also sometimes turns colored screen like blue screen but purples and greens but can still hear audio(often with opening youtube) and can't do anything but power it down and back on via button. Those are the 2 current problems i have run into. I also tend to notice battlefield 3 even on low settings tends not to render people all the time and they just kind of appear same with medal of honor warfighter. If anyone has any suggestions to fix these let me know so I could just upgrade the video card instead and maybe windows 7 but it is like 300$ for windows alone and I don't want to spend the money upgrading if boot times remain so slow. So I am probably better off just getting a new pc right?

Anyways budget is probably around 800$ give or take some more or less so around that price range and it has to be prebuilt not custom made by me and closer to 800$ but no more than 900-1000$. Specifically i am interested in being able to play pc games for long durations, have faster boot times 15 minutes is insane, faster full defrags currently takes 2days... Currently I mostly play fps games like battlefield 3 and medal of honor warfighter which gaming will be the main use of the computer. I saw alienware, ibuypower, cyberpower, hp, and asus and was wondering about the reliability/parts and the specs comparisons and the customer support. With my dell they came to the house to replace like all of the parts i would probably prefer not to have to ship it to the builder for repairs.

The alienware x51 is of interest due to it's small size but I am open to the larger towers as well. I saw the x51 only has up to like a 330 watt powersupply; is this upgradeable in the future and what all does it hinder? Could an ssd be added later or a better gpu? Looking at best buy and alienware websites I think I saw a gtx 660 is the max card one can have? The cards available in it are 660, 545, 640. processor i7 2600, i5 3450, i3 3220, i5 3330, i7 3770,. I see 6gb at best buy and 8gb at alienware for memory. I know a 660 is better but not sure what processor or how well the 545 or 640 would do for gaming. Also does anyone know if a sound card can be added to the x51?

I would like to find something reliable in the 800$ range with good support and little issues this last computer has had many different issues from day 1 even after they replaced most of the parts. And does best buy handle the issues if parts need replaced or does the brand maker do that? Btw I won't be overclocking.

Off topic but I plan on upgrading my wrt54g wireless router and motorola sb5101 modem is the asus rt-n56u or n66u good choices and a sb6141?
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    This spring I bought an alienware x51. I got the all souped up 1400 with i7 3770 and gtx 660. Personally i don't think i needed the i7 but the x51 does run games at high to ultra, if you dont record gameplay, at around 60 fps ( the games you are talking about like battlefield is what i use it for). The one problem with it is the unupgradability of it based on the Powersupply and not being able to upgrade gpu later on. Other than that though it is a very good gaming pc. I can hit the powerbutton and be logged in in less than a minute. Finally I am pretty sure it ships with a soundcard.
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