Buying a new computer

so this is the computer i am buying


₪ 6043

sorry its from a site from my country so i have a couple of questions
1:will i be able to OC the video card with this board?
2:what is your general impression?
3:the Cpu will bottle neck the gpu?
4:do you have a better suggestion for a video card from here that will cost 2360 ₪ tops

i have dell 24" monitor 1920X1200 resolution
the computer is for gaming

do you have any thing that i didn't ask but you want to add?

thank you
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  1. 1. Yes the 670 can OC but Nvidia has gimped OC quite a bit with the 6xx

    2.I would sell out a extra bit for a z77 since you can OC the 3470 to 4ghz on the z77 chipset

    3. At stock it may in some CPU heavy games but uping the turbo will solve any issues

    4. I would grab this 7970 unless you need CUDA or PhsyX
  2. i sad i am overclocking the video card not the 3470(which by the way cant be overclocked)
    please more comments
  3. The 3470 can overclock on the z77 chipset up to 4ghz (turbo +4)

    In cpu heavy games like bf3 64 man or World of tanks it will and also depends on your graphics settings

    I am not familiar with 670 OC but Nvidia has locked all voltages AFAIK

  4. dude the point in the 670 power edition that it has VT
    0:50 arround
  5. ^then by all means
  6. dont get it...
  7. xxyurixx said:
    dont get it...

    The gigabyte 7970 will still OC better and perform better at stock
  8. and i know that but forget about it i am not going for hardcore OC
    i have couple of reasons why i am not taking the 7970
    forget about hem

    i'd like more opinions thanks for your help stickmman
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