My wifi password changed and my iPod won\'t connect, if I add a wireless router

My mother accidentally turned off wireless or changed the password to the 2WIRE778 that we have and I can't get wifi on my iPod. So I have a small motorola router and it's wireless so if I hook it up to the original 2WIRE that has blocked wifi do you think I can get wifi off the second router with no password troubles or would I have to buy a special router that has no password? This is kinda urgent so please I need help ASAP. I don't know alot about computers. Oh! And my Moyer has a password on our computer so I can't log on. :( so if I just hook up the 2nd router and possibly get wifi do I need to do anything such as setup on the computer or can I plug it in and just go? if push comes to shove can someone tell me how to hack my router? Btw we have AT&T uverse so ya. Thankyou to whoever helps me I really appreciate it.
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  1. Read here, will explain how to get wifi setup again
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