Before i buy, id like some pro's help

Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H - £95.56
i5 2500k - £167

what do you think, used for gaming. upgrading due to having an old i7-860
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  1. Go for the i5-3570k over the 2500k if you can, better performance at a lower power draw.

    That Gigabyte board is fairly good and have recommended it too a friend of mine, it will serve you just fine for a gaming rig or the like. Your on the right track with the CPU, just bump it to its Ivy equivalent (3570k) and your set.
  2. cheers for the reply's :)

    i have ended up getting the 3570K with the mobo...
    then i couldn't help myself.. bought a new case (500R Black) / TX650M / NZXT LX fan controller :)

    today... is an expensive day
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